About “The Analyst Dreams”

"Lyddite" 1975 by Alix Stoll

“Lyddite” 1975 by Alexandra Stoll

At some point in my life I became, by proclivity, by training, and by the support of those who came before, a psychoanalyst.  Dreams, as we know, are extremely important in psychoanalysis, and so I have many opportunities to follow Freud’s “royal road to the unconscious.”

 Of course I am not, in actuality, a psychoanalyst any more than a patient is a patient, a rock star is a rock star, a teacher is a teacher or a marine biologist is what a marine biologist is.  I continue to be what I was before, someone who is working the various systems in which we all are enmeshed. To that end, it appears, we dream.

According to some psychoanalysts and mystics, dreams do not happen only at night while we are asleep; dreams are part of our waking reality too.*  And so here at The Analyst Dreams I will try to bring into relief some “dreams” of moving through my waking reality, “dreams” which make up, in a sense, a memoir of the present.

*See A Dream in Waking Reality for more thoughts about dreaming.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pussy Riot- many fresh ideas from an interesting mind.

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