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PreviewScreenSnapz001         The Analyst Dreams

             is an ongoing memoir of the present, made up of  “waking dreams,” an idea taken from the great mystic and psychoanalyst, Wilfred Bion,PreviewScreenSnapz001who extended the ideas of Freud and Melanie Klein and created a  fundamental abstraction of the human situation, bypassing the trees, the study of which must be infinite in its detail, and showing us, as if from the distance and with the clarity of an aerial view, the forest-its shape, its color, its pattern of growth, its vulnerability and its resilience. Even, to some degree, its purpose.

     Here you will find stories and fragments about psychoanalysis, Wilfred Bion, art, anarchic leanings, the world and Pussy Riot.  Please scroll down PreviewScreenSnapz001

and leave a comment if you are at all inclined.  E.M. Forster would appreciate it!

Photograph by Charles Stein

Please click on A dream within waking reality for more about Bion and dreams.

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